Crowns & Bridges

crown-and-bridgeA & A Pretious is a reputable and innovative dental laboratory, a modern, well equipped laboratory practicing the latest techniques in dental technology. We are committed to providing comprehensive, accurate and high quality dental laboratory services.

Porcelain Bonded to Metal Crowns and Bridges
A&A Pretious offers metals in high noble and noble classifications. An allot list is available. Our lab also carries a variety of porcelains, from traditional feldspathic to the newer low fusing porcelains.

Full Cast Crowns
Just as our porcelain to metal crowns, our full cast crowns are available in both classifications, with finished colours of yellow-gold and silver.

Maryland Bridges
Maryland bridges (acid etched bridges) require a minimal amount of tooth reduction. Available in both metal and all ceramic.

Temporary Crowns
We offer temporary crowns with a high degree of accuracy of margins and contacts.

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